Special Ways to Care for a "high Needs" Baby

Some babies cab be more demanding than others. They can require more attention and a little bit more work than others as well.

Some babies can be considered “high maintenance” compared to other babies. Is your baby one that tends to be clingy, fussy, or one that cries constantly? Does your baby want to be held at all times and then throws a fit once you set it down? Are you one of the mothers out there that are starting feel emotionally, physically and mentally drained? Then read here to get some great tips on how to care for high maintenance baby.

You are going to have to determine if your child is a “high needs” baby or not. Some of the most common signs of a “high needs” baby can be: one that wants to be held at all times of the day, one that wants to be nursed all the times, wants their mommy and their mommy only, gets upset whenever you put them down or give them to someone else, is extra sensitive to changes in routines, strangers and even gets irritated easily, wakes frequently, demands things now and won't wait until later for it.  If you agree with some of those things, then you more than likely have a high maintenance baby.

Before trying to do things with the baby to work on it's high maintenance part, make sure that there is not any kind of medical reason for the fussiness. There may be some kind of problem such as gastric reflux or even painful gas causing the baby to be fussy. If you think that may be what is going, take your baby to their doctor and tell them what is going on so the doctor can do a thorough check up.

There is nothing wrong with a “high needs” baby and you should never blame yourself. A 'high needs” baby is a blessing and does require just a little bit more love and attention. It does not mean that you have made bad parenting decisions and is not a bad reflection on your behalf. You may need to get to know and recognize the babies needs a little more and plan for the a little better to meet their needs quicker and easier. Every baby is different and they all have different emotional needs than others. It is important for us parents to not try to change our baby, but try to get to know their personality a little better and work with them.

Getting information from outside sources on how to handle you babies needs and temperament is fine. It helps you better meet their needs and comfort them when they need their parents. The Internet is full of useful information and you can also purchase many different books on how to deal with a fussy baby at book stores.

Holding your baby when it cries is not a bad thing, regardless of what you have been told. The baby will let you know when it is ready to separate from you. If your baby wants to be close at all times, try wearing the baby in a sling so you can keep your hands free and still be able to do things at times, such as the cleaning and even laundry. Allowing your baby to sleep with you is not a bad thing either. By doing that you are going to let the child get some nice restful sleep instead of being half asleep. Take the baby outside at least once a day, even it happens to be fussing. This will give it a chance to interact with other people and tons of activity time.

When at home, try using baby swings and other things to make your baby happy. The important thing here is to not force the child, but allow them know they could be happy some where else as well. Try to get the father to have some bonding time with the baby. The father can feed the baby, bathe it, take it for walks and many other things. It should help the baby to know that it can rely on other people as well.

Feel free to give yourself breaks. They can be much needed when it comes to taking care of this kind of child. Leave the baby with its father so you can energize yourself as well as refresh. Go out for an hour or two to do the grocery shopping or to visit some family or friends. You may consider making sure the baby is full when you leave so all dad has to do is comfort and play with the baby.


Taking care of “high needs” baby can be very stressful. It is very important for both parents to be sure to take care of themselves with plenty of rest, food, and sleep. Parents of these kinds of babies may consider joining a parenting group to get some great ideas on how to help the baby out more and deal with the problems one can face. Never be negative when it comes to the baby and use negative words to describe it. One thing that is very important and should be remembered at all times with this kind of child, is to never push the baby to be independent before it is ready. That can create more problems and cause the child to be more clingy than before as well as more insecure than before.


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