Newborn Baby Care and Needs

Newborn babies need a lot of different things when they first come home from the hospital. Those certain needs can last for a couple of weeks or longer!

All babies have a couple of specials needs when they first come home from the hospital. Those certain needs are going to last for the first couple of weeks that the baby is home and in some cases even longer. There are however, a couple of things that the parents need to get to make sure the baby stays cool, calm, clean, healthy, and as comfortable as possible.

The baby is going to need a couple of different things when it comes to their feedings. If the mother is going to be breastfeeding the baby, then there may not be many things to get, but if the mother plans to go back to work or like for someone else to feed the baby, she will need to get a couple of things. Breastfeeding needs are smaller than a mother is bottling feeding her baby. The baby is going to need formula, bottles and nipples. There are many different bottles and nipples that can be bought and one baby may not like a certain kind that another does. It may be necessary to experiment with bottles and nipples until the right ones are found.

Babies definitely need to have diapers and wipes at all times. Most of the time the infants will fit into the newborn diapers, but sometimes they will not. Some mothers still choose to use cloth diapers and if that is the route she takes, she will need to make sure to purchase enough for a couple of days. That will help her from having to do the laundry all the time. You will need to purchase some diaper rash ointment as babies tend to get those a lot and sometimes for no explainable reason. A newborn baby is not going to need things like the oils and lotions due to the fact that there skin is already so sensitive and it may end up causing an allergic reaction. Save those for a couple of months later.

There are certain health care needs that newborns require when they first come home. They are going to need to have their belly button cared for until the umbilical cord stump falls off. If you have a baby boy, then you are going to have make sure to cover the circumcised spot for a couple of days and them make sure to apply any ointments needs. Make sure to follow the instructions of the doctor, so there is no chance of infection.

Safety and comfort are very important when it comes to having a newborn baby. You are going to need to have rear facing car seat in order to get the child home safely from the hospital and any other time you decide to take the baby out. You will need to have a safe and comfortable place for the infant to sleep, like a bassinet or crib. You may consider getting a couple of light blankets and onesies to keep the baby warm and comfortable. A newborn baby is one that cannot be bathed until the umbilical cord falls off, so a couple of washcloths or a sponge for a bath may be needed.

Taking care of an infant baby is going to take quite a bit of work and something to used to. Read over the suggestions above and make sure to have some of these items at home before the baby comes home. By planning ahead, you are going to save yourself a lot of time and confusion.


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