How to Spend Less Money on Disposable Diapers

How to save money on diapers for infants

If you have a baby still in diapers, chances are you will spend over $600.00 per year on diapers until they are potty trained, usually between the ages of two and four. Though they are arguably better for the environment, cloth diapers can be time-consuming and messy, and many daycare centers will not allow them. So how can you save money on disposable diapers?

1. Sign up at and Both of these sites offer free coupons for diapers, wipes and other products. There are other coupon sites as well including and that often have coupons for diapers. Just make sure it’s a site with a good reputation before you give them your contact information.

2. Try your local supermarket's premium store brand. HEB stores (Texas local) have great premium diapers, and they are usually priced less than 17.00 per box. Test them out though, if they leak overnight or you have to change diapers much more often, it might not be worth the savings.

3. One strategy that works well is to use more expensive diapers during the night and on long car rides, and use store brand diapers during the day when you can check for leaks more frequently. Again, keep in mind that if you are changing the diapers twice as often, the cheaper brands are not the better brands. Also make sure that your child does not have a reaction to the diapers and that the leg openings do not chafe their skin.

4. Check out your local newspaper for diaper coupons and ads for discounts.

5. Check your local Craigslist, sometimes people give away unused diapers that their babies have outgrown; this is an especially good idea during pregnancy, then you can have time to stock up on different sizes. You can also check secondhand stores and consignment centers, sometimes they will have unused diapers at a discount.

6. Bring a calculator with you to the grocery store, most of the time buying the biggest box of diapers will save you the most, but occasionally there will be a coupon that is only good for a smaller package that will make it a better deal.

7. Ask other parents in your family or play groups, they might know of a better store brand that you hadn’t considered.

8. Make sure that the diapers you are using have velcro fasteners instead of tape, that way they will re-attach with fewer problems.


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