Diaper Bag Checklist

Keeping a Diaper Bag Checklist on hand will help you stay organized and prepared.

Have you ever been stuck away from home with a crying baby and realized that you didn't bring the pacifier? Are you always on the run and never have time to double check the items in your diaper bag? Are you the parent who normally doesn't pack the baby's diaper bag and is now scrambling to get it all together? 

Every parent has been there at some point or another. To avoid these awful situations, get organized and this will help you/your partner be prepared for the most common circumstances. Simply, take a piece of paper and write down this checklist. You can even copy and paste into a word document, then print it out. Leave room for your own personal notes, these items may change as time goes on. Take your final checklist and place it in the most visible place. Such as the fridge, on the door of your child's bedroom, next to the diaper bag or near your keys.

Using the following list will give you confidence the moment you step out of the house. Please note, this checklist is geared for babies 1-12 months old and qualities of supplies may very depending the amount of time away from home. As needed, make personal adjustments to this list.

Diaper Bag Checklist:

1. A fresh clean bottle (if available, rewash after each use).

2. Formula, or a container of breast milk.

3. Bottle of water for formula, or to rinse bottle out.

4. Pack 2 Gerber containers of fruit or vegetables (if your child eats solids)*

5. baby spoon

7. Small bag of goldfish, crackers or Gerber puffs*

8. Small spill-proof sippy cup of apple juice*

9. Diapers

10. Diaper ointment

11. Wipes

12. Changing pad

13. 2 sets of extra clothes (2 pants, 2 shirts, 2 onesies)

14. pair of socks

15. 1 burp cloth

16. 1 receiving blanket

17. 1 warmer blanket (if cold)

18. 2 bibs

19. tissues

20. hand sanitizer

21. oraljel (gum numbing ointment)

22. pacifier

23. children's Tylenol, Safety Kit.

24. Gripe water or gas relief drops

25. Your child's favorite toy

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